Sharing data within WegoWise

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2017 06:04PM EST
WegoWise allows users to share developments or specific buildings with other users. Shared properties will continue to live in the initial account, but will appear in a shared account with a "☻" indicator alongside the property/building name. There is no limit to how user sharing and access can be granted at either View-level or Edit-level on a case by case basis. 

Common uses for sharing properties:

  • A property manager shares developments with the property owner.
  • Energy efficiency program applicants share application buildings with the program administrator's WegoWise account.
  • Recipients of energy efficiency retrofit grants share the retrofitted buildings with the grantor to demonstrate results.

To share within WegoWise, follow the below instructions:

Step 1:  Navigate to the desired development or building, then click the "Share" button. Sharing a development will automatically share all of its buildings.

To share a development:

Share a development

To share a specific building:

Share a building

Step 2:  In the search bar, enter the WegoWise username of the desired user to share with. Select the username as the search bar populates.  If they have not yet registered for a WegoWise account, they will need to do so first by following the directions here

Select user

Step 3: Once the username has been selected, click the blue "Share" button. This will cause the user to appear in the "Current Permissions" table below the search bar, indicating that they can now view that development or building within their WegoWise account. If you would like the user to be able to edit your building information or make modifications to utility accounts, click "Give edit access" in the "Change access" column. To revoke access, click "Revoke all access".

Sharing permissions

  • "View Access" allows the sharing recipient to look at the building characteristics and usage data. 
  • "Full Access" allows a sharing recipient to both view and edit data.  If a user is given Full Access, a confirmation email will be sent to that user, which will need to be accepted in order to complete the sharing.

To edit or revoke access, navigate to the development or building's "Share" tab and modify access permissions by using the buttons in the "Current Permissions" table.

Viewing all permissions at once

Users can view all shared properties through the "My Network" option on the "My Account" page. To do this:

Step 1: Enter the "My Account" screen. To reach this page, hover over the WegoWise username in the upper right corner and click the "Edit Profile" option.

Edit profile

Step 2: Click the "My Network" button. This will bring up a list, grouped by building recipient username, of all developments and buildings that are shared with other users. To view the specific development and building names click "Show List".