Adding and Editing Buildings

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2017 09:31AM EST

Adding Buildings

Once a development has been defined in WegoWise, buildings then need to be added that make up the property. Developments may house just one or many buildings. 

1. To add a new building to a development, click into the property name and then select Add a Building. 

Add a building tab

2. Enter the address in the format 123 Main St, Anytown, State and click on Search.  WegoWIse will then display possible address matches. Click on the correct one. Note: If the address cannot be located, please enter a nearby address. WegoWise uses the address to determine which climate zone the building is in, as well as Heating and Cooling Degree Days for the location.  

Address of building

After an address has been selected, the user is prompted to log the building's specific characteristics. 

Editing Buildings

Building characteristics may be edited by the user at any time.

1. Navigate to the 'Properties' tab,
2. Select the development in which the building lives
3. Click on the desired building to edit
4. Select the pencil icon beside the building name to edit the building's characteristics
5. Save changes