Add, Editing, or Deleting Properties

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2015 09:34AM EST

Adding a Property

Adding a new property is quick and easy.  When you create your commercial WegoWise account, it is the first thing you'll be prompted to set up.  After you create your first property, just click the Add a Property Button to add more.

Step 1. Under the Properties section, click “Add a Development”. This button is located directly below the “All Developments” heading. (Properties > Add a Development)


Step 2. Fill out the three required fields.  The Name of the property will show up as you navigate around the site, but the Manager and Legal Owner fields are just for your reference.

Create a Development​​

Step 3.  Select Create Property.  Now you'll be prompted to set up a building

Deleting a Property

To delete a development, click Properties in the upper right, then click on the name of the property you want to delete. To the right of the property name, you'll see a pencil icon and an "x" icon. Clicking on the "x" will delete the property.