Importing Data from Portfolio Manager

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2017 11:39PM EST
Users have the ability to import buildings and utility data from a Energy Star's Portfolio Manager tool directly into the WegoWise platform. In order to do so, please follow the following series of instructions: 

Step 1:
Log in to Portfolio Manager at

Step 2:
Click "Contacts" in the top right of the screen.


Step 3:
Click "Add Contact" and then search the Name field for 'WegoWise'  - It will return a result with the name "WegoWise WegoWise, WegoWise Sharing Account with WegoWise, Inc."  Click "Connect" to the right of that name. This adds WegoWise to your associated contacts. 

Step 4:
Check the Terms of Use box and then click "Send Connection Request."

Send a Connection Request

Step 5:
Navigate back at the home page and click the "Sharing" tab.  Then click "Share a Property."


Step 6:
In the Select Properties to Share section, select "All Properties" from the first dropdown in order to share all property data with WegoWise. Next, select WegoWise, WegoWise from the contacts. Finally, select the "Exchange data" option in the "Choose Permissions" menu. Then click "Continue."

Step 7:
For each property that is to be imported into WegoWise, select the radio button under the Exchange Data header (it may already be selected by default). Click "Share Property(ies)" to continue. 

Set permissions for your properties

Step 8:
In the pop-up window, choose full access for each radio button that appears.

Step 9:
Click the "Share Property(ies)" button.  

Submit property

Step 10:
After the request has been sent, let us know which buildings you’d like to be in WegoWise by sending a note to We'll then import your Portfolio Manager buildings and all of their accompanying utility data into your WegoWise account!
*Note: To enable our advanced analytics and benchmarking, WegoWise stores more building characteristics information than Portfolio Manager. So when the imported Portfolio Manager buildings arrive in WegoWise, they will be in an initial “draft” stage. Users need to add a few addition building details to complete the WegoWise setup.