Add Utility Accounts and Data

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2015 09:29AM EST

There are three ways to add data to your utility account in WegoWise:

Link WegoWise to your online utility account for automatic importing
  • Use this option if you have online access to your utility account, and WegoWise can import from your utility company.
Import large data sets with a spreadsheet
  • Use this option if you have usage history in spreadsheet form and cannot import automatically.
Manually add data point-by-point.
  • Use this option to add small amounts of data in cases where automatic importing is unavailable.

Setting Up Automatic Import

Step 1: If applicable, first set up your accounts online with your utility provider. The username and password linked to your account will allow WegoWise to connect to your account online and automatically import the data on a monthly basis. Even if you cannot view your account information online or WegoWise does not have an importer for your provider, still identify the number of every separately metered account within in your building.

Step 2: Navigate to the Utility Accounts tab on your building's page. In this case, let's say you want to set up a new electric account.  Click on the "Add water account" button.
Add water account

Step 3: In the pop-up box, select whether the account serves an area or building. If you choose "One Area" you'll be prompted to select the area to which it belongs. If you choose a building account, you will need to specify if the account covers the entire building or only common areas (i.e. common hallways, stairways, site lighting, etc.). If you enter  a number greater than 1 for the number of buildings covered by a building account, you will be able to link this account to those additional buildings later.  Click "Continue."

Select Coverage

Step 4: Select your utility company from the dropdown menu. If you don't see your utility company, select Other and type in the utility company name.  If you select Other, it means that you'll have to manually input your data into Wego.  We don't like this any more than you do, so drop us a note and let us know what utility company you want to get data from! Next provide your account number. Add any notes, such as what the meter covers, if you want to. Click "Create Account."

Step 5: If you have an online account setup with your utility company, enter the login info.  Then click "Save Login."  If you don't have login info, select "Cancel (Continue without a login)."

Account Log in

Step 6: You will be taken back to the Utility Accounts tab where all the accounts you have added so far will be listed. You can see the status of data being imported next to each account number.

Auto Import not set up

Uploading Data from a File (Best for lots of data)

Step 1: Once you have defined an utility account, go into that account and click “Import Data” under the account’s page.

Import Data

Step 2: You will need to create a template that matches the .csv file you wish to import. (Please note that you are not required to specify a column for each option available; you may select specific headings based on the information you have.) Click Create Template.

create a template

Step 3: On the next page, select the template you created.

Select your template

Step 4: Double check that your spreadsheet has been saved in .csv format, and then upload the file. (Properties > Property Name > Building Name > Utility Accounts tab > Utility Account link > Define Water Account button > Import Data button )

Using the "Add Data" Button (Best for a one or two bills)

Step 1: At any time, you can manually add data to your WegoWise account.  To do this, click on the account number that you want to add data to.  

Select account

Step 2: Click on “Add Data”

Add Data Tab

Step 3: Fill in the dialogue with the dates, usage, cost, and any other information that you want to add to your usage history.  When finished, click “Create Data.”

Add Data