Exporting Data to Portfolio Manager

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2017 12:03AM EST



Set Up Portfolio Manager Integration

Exporting building and utility data to Portfolio Manager from WegoWise only takes a few clicks.  After buildings have been set up in WegoWise and utility data has imported, setup your building and utility accounts you'll be able to create a Portfolio Manager account and send building data over.

Step 1

Navigate to "Edit Profile" in WegoWise and select the "Portfolio Manager" tab. 

Step 2

Click "Create My Account."  Once the account is created, this is where all of the building data will export to. *Note: This step is only necessary for the initial integration setup.

Step 3

Select which buildings to be exported and specify the metering configuration.  This tells portfolio manager the portions of the building for which there is data.  

For example, if you have one whole-building gas meter, but your tenants pay their own electricity, you would say that your energy meters cover a mix of tenant and common spaces.  You will then be prompted to select which end uses are covered by the data being exported.  

There is one configuration for energy and one for water - both must be set. 

Step 4

Check back into WegoWise for regular status updates on data exports. Please note the status messages, which indicate where an export has succeeded, failed, or is in progress. It may take up to 24 hours for the building to be exported to Portfolio Manager. 

Export in Progress

Editing Meter Configuration 

Once a building has been exported, use the pencil icon located in the Action column to edit the metering configuration. 

For example, if you originally exported the building with common-area electricity and have since added your tenants' data to WegoWise, you must update Portfolio Manager to tell their system that you now have whole-building data.