WegoBasic VS WegoPro

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2017 06:18PM EST

WegoBasic accounts are WegoPro accounts that have downgraded to an unpaid account. WegoPro and WegoBasic are for commercial and multi-family buildings, as well as multiple single family structures.

WegoHome is a separate product specifically for tracking one single family home and is always free.  

While any WegoBasic or WegoPro account automatically updates your utility data, tracks as many buildings as you like, provides comprehensive building-level analysis and tracking, exports data and more, you are only able to share your data with others, export to Portfolio Manager, and compare buildings against others with a WegoPro account. These features allow you to find your inefficient buildings, prioritize retrofits, meet compliance requirements through exporting to Portfolio Manager, and run custom reports.  To keep your account on WegoPro, please see our payment options.